3.17.14 - 8.17.14

Just as the surface of the ocean can only hint at the wonders below, so the crust of the earth is merely the borderland of a vast underworld teeming with life. This underappreciated and little-known realm is one of the richest habitats on the planet, home to millions of species, and is integral to regulating the planet’s biosphere. Because it is difficult for us to penetrate (with our eyes as well as our tools), it is not well understood. How strange that one of the least known places of all is the one that we walk on top of every day.

This selection of landscape photographs features artists who have pointed their cameras at an unfamiliar and unsung place, the ground. Instead of sharing a vista or a view, they chose to look downward at the astonishing contours of a dark and dense universe that we may never know more than skin deep.

Includes work by Richard Baron, William Clift, Rick Dingus, Lee Friedlander, Mary Peck, Eliot Porter, Meridel Rubenstein, David Scheinbaum, Aaron Siskind, and Frederick Sommer.

Images from the Exhibition