From Left to Right (a striped painting)

From Left to Right

From Left to Right (a striped painting), 2007

Tim Jag
On longterm display, courtesy of the artist.

The term “white cube” was coined in 1976 as a critique of museum and gallery display characterized by a sterile, white, windowless, contextless space that raised the artwork within to a quasi-spiritual level. Devoid of vigas and other elements of the Pueblo-Revival style that might cue the viewer to an early 20th-century New Mexico space, this elevator is in some ways more of a white cube than any other space in the museum. As it happens, it is a cube that moves.

Tim Jag’s elevator mural was a participatory project with the museum staff. He invited each staff member to select a color of paint, which then became a stripe in the painting. Just as individuals come together to form a staff, the various stripes collectively create a painting. Because it is a mural, painted directly on the wall, it relates to the numerous other murals in and around the building (notably the William Shuster and Frederico Vigil murals in the patio and the Donald Beauregard murals in the auditorium) only in a more utilitarian space.

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