Here You Are, Are You Here, You Are Here

Here You Are

Here You Are, Are You Here, You Are Here, 2007

Madelin Coit
Gobo projection
Courtesy of the artist and Salon Mar Graff

Museums use tools such as maps and directional signage to orient visitors physically within the space. Madelin Coit’s projected installation might reflect a visitor’s disorientation upon arriving at a seeming dead end in the building. It anticipates the museum-goers’ question, “Where am I?” with the rather unhelpful response, “Here you are, are you here, you are here.” Coit’s work acts as a tool to locate the visitor, but with the most ambiguous of directions.

These phrases, a play on three simple words, vary dramatically in tone depending upon the order of the words: one is an affirmation, the next an inquiry, and the third a statement of fact. The projection appears and disappears the way of a fleeting thought. As such, it speaks to the ephemerality of our presence, like a high-tech memento mori.

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