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The Folger believes that everyone can, and should, engage with Shakespeare’s words.  Every year the Folger Library serves thousands of teachers and students across the country through workshops, professional learning days, digital master classes, the Teaching Shakespeare Institute, student festivals, Making A Scene Blog, and their many resources on

Folger Library Links

Digitized Shakespeare's First Folio from the Folger has information to get you started, including our online catalog Hamnet.

Folgerpedia has information about past exhibits, speakers, and presentations at the Folger. is a digital catalog with high-resolution images of the Folger collection, including First Folios. offers free, mobile-friendly versions of Shakespeare’s plays to read, search, and download.

Shakespeare Unlimited podcast series keeps listeners in the know about Shakespeare performance and scholarship.

First Folio : A 400 Year Obsession video

Blogs: The Collation, Folger Theater Production Diary, Shakespeare and Beyond and Making A Scene from our education department.

Recommended Reading

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Blayney, Peter W. M. The First Folio of Shakespeare. Washington DC: Folger Library Publications, 1991.  (Note: This book is only available from the Folger Gift Shop)

Doescher, Ian. William Shakespeare's Star Wars Trilogy. Philadelphia : Quirk Books, 2014.

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First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare


Make a Romeo & Juliet Board Game
These guidelines can be applied to any Shakespeare play. Students are directed to focus on important plot elements, characters, and language. Writing game instructions, questions, and strategies in clear steps.

Make Your Own Comic Strip of Romeo & Juliet
Any other play by Shakespeare can be adapted for this activity. The site includes a list of materials ranging from paper and pencils to computer and printer. Suggestions for digitizing the completed comic book on the Internet.

RE: Shakespeare app
Watch scenes from Much Ado About Nothing in 360° action; remix Shakespeare to Shlomo’s human beatbox; lip-sync with poet Indigo Williams’ Shakespearean love lines and put-downs or try Akala’s Hip-hop Shakespeare Quiz. Work with Royal Shakespeare Company experts to prepare for your own Shakespeare performance, opposite real RSC actors on the Royal Shakespeare Theatre stage.

Spanish Colonial Bibliography
Learn what people were reading in New Mexico during Shakespeare's time and compare to the First Folio.