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New Mexico Museum of Art Privacy Policy

The New Mexico Museum of Art is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to its web sites. As an affiliated web site of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA), we are governed by the DCA Privacy Policy for ensuring the privacy of all personally identifiable information. This policy ensures that DCA does not collect any personal information about individuals that is not voluntarily submitted by the user. In addition, it ensures that any personal information collected will not be shared intentionally with any third party without having received your prior permission.

For any services or communications which are administered directly by the New Mexico Museum of Art, we will never obtain email addresses from a third party for our subscriber list nor will we collect or share email addresses we obtain through our Web site or any other method (such as registration or membership forms) of obtaining personal information.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small file a Web site puts on your computer's hard drive so that the site can remember your preferences or which pages you visited on that site.

As you explore this Web site, it is possible that a session cookie will be set on your computer. A session cookie will tell us which pages you visit and the amount of time between each page visit. This cookie does not remember any information about you or your computer, it just tells us how long visitors spend on our sites and which pages receive the most traffic. A session cookie only remembers information about your current visit to the site. New Mexico Museum of Art uses the information to improve our visitors' experiences on the site. No personal information is ever stored in or obtained from the cookies used on this site.

Please consult the Department of Cultural Affairs Privacy Policy for additional information.

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